VORTECON Wholesale – New Spinning Desk Toy Supply

Stress is a killer. We could get affected by various life threatening illnesses due to stress. We need to control stress and would need to find innovative ideas to do so.

The VORTECON – Spinning could be one such contraption that could help you in your quest to control stress. It could be at your workplace when working to a deadline or even at home trying to finish a chore.

The VORTECON spinning desk toy

It is manufactured employing precision guided machinery using aircraft grade stainless steel, copper and brass. This simple spinning top would rotate on a desk or other flat surface.

It would create an optical illusion which would help to reduce stress whilst not disturbing anyone around. It is super silent and is nothing short of a "WOW" when it gets to spin.

The VORTECON is brought forth under the umbrella of "Kickstarter" and is the sixth project initiated by this team of innovative individuals.

The project

The project is out seeking pledges to get into the manufacturing process - Vortecon Wholesale. Only if the pledges turn successful would this extremely precise kinetic energy utilizing spinner toy would see the light of day.

There are many different and attractive schemes under which you could be a part of this unique project. Deciding on which combination that is offer and selecting it you could pledge too.

You would be entitled to special wholesale prices in the event that you would select whichever combination of VORTECON combination that you would select.

It could be an all stainless steel, copper or brass. On the contrary it could be a selection that you would desire which you could select by studying the choices of offer.

You could also make your own desired combinations within the three made available to you. The pledges for the project would end on March 28, 2018.

So Hurry, the time is limited, get the VORTECON – wholesale before it's too late!



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