VORTECON - the Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy

Vortecon is better than the traditional fidget spinner toy in all sense of the word. Vortecon is a proven tool for managing several neurological health conditions, like autism and ADHD. There had been claims that the fidget spinner can also manage these conditions, but there is no proven scientific fact to back these claims yet; this is unlike Vortecon that is already proven to handle the conditions perfectly and restore the affected individual to good health again. Fidget spinner is favorite among kids and teenagers. In fact, it is just perfect for these young individuals. However, it is not fancied by adults since it looks more like a toy for kids than anything else. This is not the case with Vortecon; it is designed to entertain everyone, old and young, alike. It looks mature and functional, making it acceptable to mature minds.

Its main features

Some of the specifications that make Vortecon special are highlighted below:

  • Vortecon is made from three different materials, like brass, copper and stainless steel at https://vorteconwholesale.com.
  • It is made with CNC machine and also has a symmetrical helix along the side edge
  • It comes with a rotating base, which is equipped with top quality stainless steel bearing. You can remove the bottom to get access to the bearing.
  • Aside from the symmetrical helix along the side, the top part is also CNC machined. Consequently, every piece of Vortecon creates the impression of complete spiral mobility when spun.
  • The surface is perfectly finished since it is smoothly sanded
  • A black leather layer is added to the base, and it bears an embossed logo of Vortecon, which absorbs the noise the bearing can make, thereby ensuring a noiseless rotation. The leather layer also protects the smooth surface on which the Vortecon spins from scratching.

Perfect gift item

If you know anyone that may be having a problem with focus or concentration, then you can either recommend Vortecon to the person or buy him one. It may look like a simple piece of solid metal, but it is a life changer if your friend knows how to apply it. It can get anybody excited and inspired. Your friend will find it to be a magician each time he or she interacts with the item. Vortecon is created with 100% attention to all the small details; it will also last a lifetime.


Stainless steel Vortecon sells for 32$, while the brass and copper Vortecon sells for $40 each. However, you can get it for an even lower price if you buy more than one. The price reduces as the quantity of Vortecon you buy increases.



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