Hoverboards have become the world's latest craze especially among the young and the not so young as it is a technology that has been on the drawing boards for quite some time.

The Hollywood movie "Back to the Future II" released in 1989 which was a sequel to "Back to the Future" which movie was released in 1985, brought out the Hoverboard in all its glory.

There were a few hiccups when first introduced, where some brands caught fire spontaneously the inherent problems have now been rectified and certain safety features built in to ensure nothing untoward happens.

Easter round the corner

A good gift to bring home to your loved one this Easter would be the inspiring technological marvel the Hoverboard, which is sure to bring your kid immense pleasure, when he sees what you have got.

There are many brands and models around and selecting the appropriate and most suitable one for your kid would be quite a challenge.

Hence we have selected two of the top rated models available in the market today which would really brighten the day for your kid this Easter.

#. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Scooter

This Hoverboard meets the industry's highest safety standards with UL2272 certification. Equipped with 350 Watt motors and attains a maximum cruising speed of 8+ mph.

It is designed with two riding modes for beginners and others with flashing LED Lights.

#. Alien Board Hoverboard Batwings with Bluetooth Speaker

It is equipped with a quick charge 25.2 Volt Lithium Ion battery pack and attains a maximum speed of 10+ kmp. It is designed to carry a maximum weight of 110 Kgs.

This Hoverboard is UL2272 certified for safety against chemical, electronic and fire hazards.

Happy Easter and have fun.



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